Mar 19 12 6:08 PM

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So...I got a couple of these for the boy's around x-mas and quickly caught the bug! Already a Lego Star Wars nut...it was easy to catch the fever! A single minifigure with a stand, accessories in a baggie for $2.49...each unique and cool in thier own way. Luckily Series 5 had just gotten released and some of Series 4 were still hanging around so I was able to complete each of the 16 figure sets. Theres a local collectible shop nearby That had some of series 2 & 3, and trade 1 for 1 for my doubles (yay!) THEN...as would luck would have it...a lady posted on craigslist that she had some Series 1 & 2 for sale...$3 each...SCORE! So....Out of the 96 that have been released...I still need 16...including the extremely HTF Zombie from series 1...soooo cooool!
Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7 RELEASE JUNE 2012