Jan 22 15 5:07 AM

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I hope everyone is doing well, I am good.  if you forgot your password just reset it. I couldnt help but notice site has been down for a bit, it was due to I had the DiecastLive name pointed to the front page portal & forumer has removed that cool feature from there system so I had to go back in and redirect the name right to the forums here. Sorry it took so long.

I have been going thru my Diecast Collection & found some awesome DCL customs, letters & notes Raoks, etc, etc, from You fine folks from all over the world, Ill never get rid of any of that stuff since its trully cherished.. Ill post up some pics in the next little while. Brings back alot of great memories.

Sorry for the ads, there not my doing. its forumer, but it is wat it is.  if any of you are still around stop in & say Hello!!

Heres a priceless pic.. Hey is that You? 


Thats it for now, Peace out!!

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